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During the next month will be released a series that made for Hulu, where she plays the girlfriend of the protagonist in the Casual series. In September of this year she reaches the big screen with two important participations. The first, directed by Dan Fogelman, is called Life Itself, with Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac and Antonio Banderas. The second film, with a premiere for the same month, is titled A House with a Clock in its Walls, based on a children’s classic, produced by Steven Spielberg, with Cate Blanchett and Jack Black.

“It has been a very important year for me. I still pinch myself because I do not believe it,” she laughs.

How have these years been in Los Angeles?

It has been a school. When I arrived it was a bus, I did not understand anything. I feel that the roles that are giving me now make a lot of sense, since I have grown as an actress. I have found myself as a woman, individual and human being.

What was it like to leave your house and go and try your luck in the US?

It was a super important decision. I always had the little bug for acting and for journalism, because I love communication. I was lucky to realize what path I should choose. I went to study Lee Strasberg in New York, I returned, I studied journalism for two years and, after that, I decided that my life was to act and I went to Los Angeles to work.

What was it like being the daughter of Rosita Parsons?

I feel like I had a very entertaining transition. When I was younger and started doing things in movies, I was the daughter of Rosita Parsons, but it was never something that bothered me. When I was part of the movie “Qué pena tu boda” with Nicolás López, I was able to create my own picture, because I could make it more clear that I am an actress and not a model. With much effort I built my way, and although we are part of the same clan, we are different.

What do you feel it has meant to you to belong to this family so recognized in the world of fashion?

It’s one hundred percent in my DNA. I did not know another reality apart from these strong women. Growing up with those examples marks you in many ways. It wasn’t pulling me down, on the contrary, I was proud to be Parsons. I saw how they worked, how they have fought in life because nothing has been free for them, there has been a lot of effort behind.

In what things do you feel that you look like and in what do you differ with your mom and sister?

With my mom we differentiate in that she is very clear and has much more head, however I am more emotional and impulsive, but for that reason we complement each other very well. Clarita, on the other hand, has a very calm and calm attitude, that everything will be fine and I am more explosive (laughs). But the three of us share that we are very loving.

And with your aunt Carolina?

I laugh a lot with her. She has very clear things. she knows what she wants and she loves to transmit it. We respect it enormously, because it was the one that opened the way for us. We complement each other a lot with her. I love it because she says things without hairs on the tongue, I would like to have that.

How does the beauty of the clan member who is not a model live?

I’m vain. Growing up with these women and not caring how you look in the mirror is impossible (laughs). What is very nice is that they taught me that beauty comes from within. A person is beautiful not because of their eyes and hair, but because of their interior.

What will be your contribution to this clan?

I have to open other roads. I want to inspire my sister to follow her dreams and to know that if you do it with effort everything can turn out.


Lorenza Izzo, who plays Pilar Herrera on AMC’s Feed the Beast, talks about dealing with grief, sampling food on set and the budding friendship between Pilar and “The Tooth Fairy.”

Q: You’ve appeared in quite a lot of horror productions. Was it nice to work on something different? 

A: I think it happened circumstantially that I ended up doing a lot of horror because that was kind of how I got into the industry. I do love the genre, and I didn’t want to separate myself from it, but I was really looking forward to going for other types of storytelling at some point. I was really excited when this came along and that I actually got it. My part was originally written for an older Latin woman, but when I came in, I convinced them it had to be me. I’m just so lucky that all of these elements happened for me to be able to do this.

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What do you get when you combine food, the mob and David Scwhimmer? Well, for one, a chubby Schwimmer with a Goodfellas attitude. Actually, the result is a fascinating new show on AMC, Feed the Beast, which stars the former Friends star, Jim Sturgess (21) and the stunning Lorenza Izzo.

The Chilean actress of horror film fame is stretching her acting chops beyond screaming at the top of her lungs by delving into the equally as scary world of restaurants. Here, she lets us in through the kitchen door and drops info on the show before its premiere this Sunday.

What’s the deal behind your new AMC show, Feed the Beast?

It tells the story of two best friends and one of them is coming out of jail the character that Jim Sturgess plays. These two buddies grew up in the Bronx and one of them is a sommelier and one of them is a chef and they had a restaurant which one of them blew up and now they’re trying to start it up again in the hopes of starting a nice new environment and to pay back the money they owe to the mob. So there’s a mob element to the show, there’s a dysfunctional family dramatic element to the show and then there’s a restaurant business element to the show which I think is such a cool interesting mix of themes to watch on TV.


How does your character come into the story?

I play a Cuban born in Harlem named Pilar Herrera. She’s kind of a crappy waitress who doesn’t really know what she’s going about in life. She’s a hopeless romantic and that’s always an interesting thing for me to approach because I think there’s very few of those left in the world we live in, right? I mean come on it’s 2016 in the world of Tinder and Facebook and all these incredibly insane apps and she’s just truly looking for love and the ways she goes about it may not be that morally correct. She’s also kind of a weirdo, she’s a little big quirky, she’s a goofball; she doesn’t really know much about social cues. She’s the kind of girl that if you’re in the restroom peeing she’ll just walk in and start talking to you and has no idea that that’s not okay.
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“I’m sort of getting some redemption, aren’t I?” says 26-year-old Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo.

Izzo was born in Santiago, but moved to Atlanta at age 12 while her dad was getting his Ph.D. at Georgia Tech. “When I first moved to Atlanta I had a really strong accent, and I got bullied like hell,” she recalls while sitting at Irving Farm Coffee, around the corner from the Gramercy apartment she rented for her stay in New York. “It was awful. I got over my accent pretty fast, thanks to ‘Blue Crush.’ I started watching that movie and I got obsessed with Kate Bosworth. I had no idea she was Australian — to me she was American and it was all I needed to know.”

Oddly enough, she’s frequently cast as an American, a fact tinged with a certain sweetness in light of her bullies. “It’s such a payback isn’t it?” she grins.

On Sunday, she joins David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess in AMC’s “Feed the Beast,” which follows two best friends in their attempt to open a restaurant in the Bronx, in the midst of cleaning up their lives. WWD chatted with Izzo about landing the role, meeting her director husband, and what she wore to be crowned “best dressed” in high school.

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